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Closing Keynote: How Will the Truck of the Future Enhance Road Safety?

September 23
3:30 PM - 4:15 PM || -

Jim Olson
Republic Services

David Braunstein
Together for Safer Roads

Keith Kerman

Collisions between large vehicle operators and other road users continue to be a leading public safety issue today, and it takes an ecosystem of solutions to address the problem. This seminar will educate attendees on the new frontier of innovations and systems to keep drivers safe behind the wheel, from improved cab designs and collision avoidance systems to interventions addressing driver visibility and better infrastructure planning. Along with Together for Safer Roads, safety experts from two of the largest and diverse fleets in the U.S. will share their real-world input into these technologies to keep fleet operators, road users, and the public as safe as possible.

Presenters: David Braunstein, Together for Safer Roads; Jim Olson, Republic Services; Keith Kerman NYC DCAS