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Solutions Spotlight: Yes, You Can Eliminate Distracted Driving — But You Have to Address Technology Addiction First

September 21
4:45 PM - 5:15 PM || -

CJ Meurell
Motion Intelligence

As fleet managers, you understand the high costs and dangers associated with distracted driving for your enterprise. But if, like most, efforts to curb the problem have stalled and, ultimately failed, you need to understand why existing strategies are often ineffective and don't prevent dangerous driving behaviors. The truth is, a distracted-driving option that only monitors and doesn't fully help drivers change their behavior will never provide a full, lasting solution. All of us, including your employees and drivers, have a technology addiction to our devices. Studies have proven that we "reach for" and "look at" our mobile device an average of 63 times a day -- and this action doesn't stop while we are driving.

This proven fact is a major reason distracted driving accidents continue to grow each year, and is why new technology that reaches drivers at the point of distraction -- their devices -- is proactive and reinforces safe-driving behaviors. The best way to help drivers practice safe behavior behind the wheel is to help them curb their technology addiction by preventing mobile device distractions from occurring in the first place and reward them along the way as they adopt safer behaviors. Learn more about technology addiction and ways to effectively combat it with technology currently available on the market in this session.