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Put Down the Phone: New Tools to Understand and Combat Distracted Driving

September 22
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM || -

Yoav Banin

Clay Skelton

Michelle Calloway
General Motors

Vehicle collisions caused by distraction are an ethical and economic problem that are largely preventable today. Yet mitigating distracted driving is no easy task. In this seminar, attendees will first understand the root causes of distracted driving — including the powerful effects of dopamine, which can be triggered by a cell phone ping. Our panelists will then deliver solutions to attack the problem. They’ll show how to measure baseline risks and implement effective driver coaching, how to implement a cell phone safety solution, as well as ways AI technology is being used to identify levels of distraction. Attendees will also learn how to incorporate in-vehicle coaching and real-time alerts to modify driving behaviors in the moment.