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Non-CDL Drivers: Tech and Techniques to Increase Safety

September 21
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM || -

Travis Sanders

Mark Gardner

Carl Foden
Compass Group North America

Fleets and drivers without commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) rarely receive the same level of sophisticated training and collision-avoidance technologies that are routinely provided to professional bus and truck drivers — even though driving is almost always the most dangerous part of non-CDL drivers’ jobs. In this seminar, attendees will understand collision-avoidance technology for light-duty fleets that warns drivers of potential dangers with real-time alerts. They’ll also learn how to maximize the benefits of outcome-based defensive driving training. And they’ll hear directly from a seasoned fleet operator on successful implementation of the tech and techniques, with the overall goal to mitigate collisions, provide better customer service, lower insurance rates, and create a safer fleet.