Unlocking the Power of AI and Data to Prevent Fleet Accidents (Light-Duty Session)

October 29
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM || -

Even though vehicles are built with more safety features than ever before, due to several causes, such as increased distractions for drivers, the number of vehicle accidents and fatalities are still high. Rather than reacting, you can be proactive and leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and key data to act and prevent accidents for your fleet. Hear from our experts and their insights regarding:  Successful safety programs, AI-powered coaching, and Actionable data.

Walk away with knowledge about the latest in fleet safety innovation and actionable tips that will help you manage your safety data and take action.

Presenters: Eli Rossiter, Director, Telematics and Safety Products, Donlen; Jon So, Director of Marketing, Nauto

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