Predictive Analytics: How to Effectively Measure and Improve Fleet Driving Risk (Light-Duty Session)

October 30
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM || -

Through our discussion of specific tools and techniques, attendees will gain an understanding of how telematics and driving behavior data can help fleet safety managers better understand and mitigate driver risk.  Specifically, attendees will learn 1) how to create a company-wide, crash-free focus and culture, 2) how telematics data is being effectively leveraged to predict and, when appropriate, amend driving behaviors, 3) how telematics data should be incorporated into a 360-degree view of driver and organizational risk, and 4) the key advantages of closed-loop training in mitigating risk.

Presenters: Jim Noble, Vice President, Risk Engineering, eDriving; Rachel Bell, Vice President, Scores and Analytics, FICO Decisions