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Speaker Presentations

2019 Speaker Presentations

10 Ways to Create a Safety Culture from Scratch that Works
Keynote Speaker: Phil Moser, Syneos Health

Battling Distracted Drivers with a Sensible Safety Budget
Presenter: Ted Chen, LifeSaver Mobile

Building Relationships with Your Drivers
Presenter: Gary Long, Aaron’s Inc.

Cannabis and Mobility: Is Your Fleet Policy Ready?
Presenters: Tim Harrison and Sara Sweeney, Wheels

Developing a Safety Program that Drives Change
Presenters: Brad Jacobs, Merchants Fleet; Cindy Douglas, Tuff Shed; Sally Allen, Fleet Professional

Establishing a World Class Safety Program for Your Fleet
Keynote Speakers: Kevin Fisher and Scott Rood, Mercury Associates Inc.

Giving New Drivers the Right Tools to Drive Safely
Presenter: John Seidl, Reliance Partners

How the FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearing House is Going to Change the Driver Hiring Process
Presenter: Lukas Shaw, CleanFleet

How to Create a Successful Corporate Safety Culture
Presenter: Jim Perkins, Shell Fleet Solutions

How to Develop a Comprehensive Fleet Safety Policy
Presenter: Ralf Wessel, AGCO Corporation​

Leveraging Data Science & Advanced TelematicsTechnology to Reduce Accident Risk
Presenters: Ananth Rani, Azuga; Matt Camden, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Predictive Analytics: How to Effectively Measure and Improve Fleet Driving Risk
Presenters: Jim Noble, eDriving; Rachel Bell, FICO Decisions

Turning Data Into Knowledge: How to Get the Big Picture on Fleet Safety
Presenter: Rob Minton, Geotab

Unlocking the Power of AI and Data to Prevent Fleet Accidents
Presenters: Eli Rossiter, Donlen; Jon So, Nauto

2018 Speaker Presentations

Future of Vehicle Safety Forum
Moderator: Jim Park Heavy Duty Trucking
Panelists: William Bensmiller, FMCSA; Guy Mangiamele, AMCI Testing; Jennifer Morrison, NTSB

Opening Keynote Address: Healthy & Happy Drivers: Your Most Important Safety Tool
Keynote Speaker: Sergio Rojas, Hirschbach Motor Lines

Successful Implementation of Safety Programs That Drivers Will Embrace
Moderator: Eliot Bensel, CEI Group
Panelists: J.J. Keig, CBRE, Inc.; Kristin Leary, Syneos Health; Blair Schober, Red Hawk Fire & Security; Abe Stephenson, DISH

How Video and Data are Changing Crash Investigation
Presenter: Jennifer Morrison, NTSB

Tomorrow's Technology for a Safer Fleet Today
Moderator: Eliot Feldstein, Lytx
Panelists: John Dmochowsky, Mondelez International; David McCauley, Service Experts LLC; Mike Miller, Advance Auto Parts

Calculating with the Return-on-Investment of Heavy Vehicle Safety Technologies
Presenter: Matt Camden, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Driving the Fleet Safety Movement: Practical Use of Telematics in a Safety Program to Save Lives and Reduce Costs
Moderator: Rob Minton, Geotab
Panelists: Kim Cregar, Eli Lilly; Adam Orth, General Mills; Lee Pierce, Weatherford; Dave Rush, RAI Trade Marketing Services

The New Best Practice in Driver Risk Assessment
Moderator: Matthew Betz, SambaSafety
Panelists: Bob Mossing, STERIS Corporation; Ralf Wessel, AGCO Corporation

Using ELD Exemptions and Guidance to Increase Revenue and Improve Driver Recruitment and Retention
Presenter: John Seidl, Reliance Partners

Emerging Trends in Commercial Fleet Insurance and How Technology Will Change Service Offerings
Presenter: Harry Storck, AIG, Inc.

Marijuana: Brain, Retina and Impairment to Drive
Presenter: Dr. Denise Valenti, IMMAD LLC

What Works and Doesn't Work with Fleet Safety Programs
Moderator: Elizabeth Rossiter, Donlen
Panelists: Baker Green, Performance Contracting Group Inc.; Bob Mossing, STERIS Corporation; Joe Rader, Fisher Auto Parts; Phil Samuelson, USIC

Review of Driver Training Best Practices from Other Countries: What Can We Implement Today?
Presenter: Laura McMillan, Instructional Technologies, Inc.

Closing Keynote Address: 5 Best Practices in Fleet Safety Management
Keynote Speaker: Joe McKillips, NETS

2017 Speaker Presentations

Opening Keynote Address: Reaching Zero Crashes: The Role of Advanced Driver Assistance
Keynote Speaker: Deborah Hersman, National Safety Council

Collision Avoidance Technologies - Employer Fleet Safety Case Study
Presenter: Abe Stephenson, DISH

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Commerical Vehicle Deployment Case Studies (Grove PresentationMorrison PresentationWatson Presentation)
Presenters: Kevin Grove, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI); Jennifer Morrison, National Safety Transportation Board (NTSB); Randy Watson, J&M Tank Lines

Making Your Safety Data Work for You
Co-Presenters: Rich Radi, ARI; Blair Schober, Red Hawk Fire & Security

How to Turn ELD Data into a Competitive Advantage
Co-Presenters: Brad Jacobs, Merchants Fleet Management; Robin Kinsey, Geotab

Ensuring Driver Safety Through the Life of a Vehicle
Co-Presenters: Wayne Reynolds, LeasePlan USA; Dan Shive, LeasePlan USA

Impaired Driving - It's on the Rise and It Involves a Lot More than Just Alcohol
Presenter: Phil Moser, Advanced Driver Training Services

Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse: History and What to Expect 
Presenter: John Seidl, Integrated Risk Solutions

Creating a Risk Management Playbook for Your Company
Co-Presenters: Tim Cengel, Wheels, Inc.; Patrick Krapec, Wheels, Inc.

Best Practices in Mitigating Workplace Violence and Vehicle-Borne Threats
Presenter: Lev Pobirsky, Pepsi-Cola National Brand Beverages

Closing Keynote Address: How to Create a Successful Corporate Safety Culture - Shell's Journey to Goal Zero
Keynote Speaker: Karen Spring, Shell

2016 Speaker Presentations

Opening Keynote Address: Combining Behavioral Safety Theory and Telematics
Keynote Speaker: Dane Bremer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Using Leading Indicators to Anticipate Safety Issues and Strengthen Safety Systems
Presenter: Joy Inouye, National Safety Council

How to Convince Drivers to Develop a Fleet Safety Attitude and Adopt Ownership of this Responsibility
Presenter: Phil Moser, Advanced Driver Training Services (ADTS)

The Safety Behind Autonomous Trucks (Kahn presentation) (Jennifer Morrison presentation) (Jon Morrison presentation)
Moderator: Jim Park, Heavy Duty Trucking
Presenters: Bill Kahn, Peterbilt Motors Company; Jennifer Morrison, NTSB-Office of Highway Safety; Jon Morrison, WABCO Americas

ELD and Coercion Rule! 
Presenter: John Seidl, Integrated Risk Solutions

Lunch and Keynote Address: New Safety Technology: Does it Work?
Keynote Speaker: Kay Wakeman, Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI)

Integrating Safety Across Your Mobile Workforce: Reimbursement and Lease 
Presenters: Kip Fournier, Wheels, Inc.; Ted Lewin, Wheels, Inc.

Crash Prevention Technology: Onboard vs. Online
Presenter: Ken Latzko, The CEI Group, Inc.

Changing Habits, Reducing Accidents
Presenter: Jerry Veres, Fleet Response

General Session: A Fleet Manager’s Guide to Surviving Fleet Safety-Related Lawsuits
Presenter: Shannon Gatlin, Alaniz Schraeder Linker Farris Mayes, LLP

Breakfast and General Session: TSA and Industry Partnerships
Presenter: David Cooper, Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Reinforcing the Positive – Keys to Building a Comprehensive Safe Driver Incentive Program
Presenter: Rich Radi, ARI

Increase Safety by Modifying Driver Attitudinal Issues Using Employee Assistance Program
Presenters: Robert Kauffman, Critical Thinking for Success LLC ; Penny Levin Fields, PAL

A Guide to Effectively Implement Safety Monitoring Technologies
Presenter: Matt Camden, Center for Truck and Bus Safety, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

E-Z Coaching Techniques for Non-Safety Professionals (Direct Supervisor Driver Safety Coaching)
Presenter: Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics

Beyond the MVR: Getting the Most Out of Your MVRs
Presenter: Richard Crawford, SambaSafety

Lunch and Closing Keynote Address: NETS Debuts a New Suite of Fleet Safety Resources
Keynote Speaker: Jack Hanley, Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS)

2015 Speaker Presentations

How to Create a Successful Corportate Safety Culture - Shell's Journey to Goal Zero
Presenter: Mike Watson, Shell

How to Use Fleet Data to Reduce Risk and Increase Safety
Moderator: Terry Horrics, Element
Panelists: Heidi Mario, CNA Insurance, Dave Rush, RJ Reynolds; Jerry Veres, Fleet Response

Building a Safer Fleet 
Presenter: Mitzi Hartman, McLeod Express 

Mitigating Hidden Risks to Deliver an Optimal Safety Program
Presenters: Heidi Ford, Wheels; Ted Lewin, Wheels; Jeff Whiteside, Wheels

How to Prevent Cheating on E-Logs
Presenter: Tom Bray, J.J. Keller & Associates

The Unfortunate Downside of Crash Avoidance Technology
Moderator: Ed Iannuzzi, ARI
Panelists: Kate Duffy, Liberty Mutual Insurance; Rich Radi, ARI; Dan Shive, LeasePlan USA

Preparing for Upcoming FMCSA Rules
Presenter: John Seidl, FMCSA Consultant

Developing Fleet Policies that Address the State of Legalization of Marijuana on Impaired Driving
Presenter: Tom Bray, J. J. Keller & Associates

Latest Industry Initiatives to Reduce Deaths and Injuries Associated with Distracted Driving
Presenter: David Teater, National Safety Council

Pros and Cons of Developing an In-House Fleet Safety Program vs. an Outsourced Program
Presenter: Bob Cavalli, RAC Fleet Consulting, LLC

MVRs: Managing Driver Risk
Presenter: Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics

Best Practices in Driver Risk Management
Moderator: Mary Sticha, GE Capital
Panelists: Richard Crawford; SambaSafety; Paul Farrell, Nationwide Insurance; Jim Napier, OH Regional Transit Authority; Herbert Pruitt, PG&E Utility

In-Cab Safety Technology
Moderator: David Cullen, Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine
Presenter: Eric Falberg, Anthem Propane; Gary Flaherty, Canal Insurance Company; Adam Kahn, SmartDrive Systems; Trevor Schmidt, Lytx DriveCam

Looking Back to Build a Vision of the Future
Presenter: Jack Hanley, Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS)

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