Nov. 8-10, 2023 | Santa Clara, CA

Why Attend

Reduce Risk, Limit Liability and Improve the Safety of Your Fleet by Attending The Fleet Safety Conference!

In today’s business environment, driver safety is the top-of-mind concern for fleet managers and stakeholders. It is an issue that has also caught the attention of mainstream media and the general public at large—making the operation of safe fleets a matter of intense public scrutiny. The No. 1 question fleets must answer is how to navigate their organization through the myriad of distracted driving pitfalls, legal compliance, and liability issues while keeping the company’s employees and the public safe? Now, more than ever, you need to educate your drivers and fellow employees to put safety first.


  1. FIRST-RATE EDUCATION:  The educational program is designed specifically for fleet, risk, safety, sales and EHS professionals who operate fleets of all sizes consisting of vehicles from passenger cars up to heavy-duty trucks.  The conference is packed with serious, hard-hitting sessions and real case studies; providing all attendees with practical solutions, easily integrated policy and procedures, and effective strategies.
  2. NETWORKING SESSIONS:  Fleet Safety Conference is the best safety specific networking opportunity in the industry.  Meet with leading safety and risk professionals and suppliers who can bring a fresh perspective to your current fleet program, help you create innovative strategies, and find new solutions to difficult problems.
  3. KEYNOTE SPEAKERS:  Hear from the industry experts representing the most progressive fleets and safety organizations in the nation on how to create a culture of safety in your organization and get buy-in from executives and employees, minimize your risk exposure and handle fleet fatalities (or drivers who are seriously injured).  Learn the latest in federal and state regulations & compliance, the best practices for successful policies and programs, and much more!
  4. CUT COSTS WITHOUT INCREASING RISK:  Attend sessions that will help you save time and money without losing effectiveness or efficiency in safety policy and procedures.
  5. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS:  Hear the latest trends in vehicle safety engineering, predictive analysis and new paradigms in driver safety and how they can make a difference right now.


  1. Fleet Managers, Fleet Directors
  2. Safety Managers, Safety Directors, Safety Advisors
  3. Risk Managers, Directors and Analysts
  4. Human Resource Managers and Directors
  5. Sales Managers and Directors
  6. Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Managers and Directors
  7. Insurance Brokers/Managers and Directors