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Tony Vinciguerra

Tony Vinciguerra

Chief Operating Officer | Driving Dynamics

Tony Vinciguerra, with more than three decades of industry expertise, is the chief operating officer for Driving Dynamics, a provider of advanced performance driver safety training delivered virtually for fleet-based organizations throughout North America.  Focused on driving skills and behavior, Driving Dynamics can delivery training virtually, through eLessons and behind-the-wheel.

Tony has led key risk and safety service throughout his career, including accident, risk and safety functions for a major FMC,  and was general manager for Center for Transportation (CTS), which provides safety training for drivers of all classes of vehicles and educational training to qualify drivers for their commercial drivers’ licenses. CTS is now a division of Driving Dynamics.

Mr. Vinciguerra’s career has also included responsibility for key business areas, including:  Product Innovation, Product Development and Management, and information technology projects.

Mr. Vinciguerra has a bachelor’s degree from Albright College and a master’s degree from Loyola College of Maryland.

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