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Heavy Duty Truck Sessions

Heavy Duty Truck sessions brought to you by

Fleet Safety Conference offers Heavy Duty Truck sessions, brought to you by the editors of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. As the only event of its kind designed specifically for fleet, risk, safety, sales, human resources and EHS professionals, Fleet Safety Conference provides current and expert education on improving the safety of heavy duty truck fleets as well as vehicles and light- to medium-duty trucks.

Tuesday, July 22




How to Help Drivers Deal with In-Vehicle Distractions
The onset of electronics, both portable and those that are built into today’s vehicles, has created a driving environment that is fraught with distraction.  This session will explain what fleet safety professionals can do to decrease in-vehicle distractions. 
Moderator: Jeff Kraft, Senior Director, Driver Improvement for National Safety Council
Panelists: Dan Shive, LeasePlan; Ken Latzko, CEI; Randy Shadley, CCM




Hours of Service and Electronic Logs: Where We Are and Where We're Going
Where do hours-of-service regulations stand today after the most recent round of changes, and are there any official actions under way to make more changes? How will the federal government's proposed rules on mandatory electronic logging devices shape the use and functions of the next generation of these devices? This session will address these questions and more, including strategies to successfully transition your operation to an automatic electronic logging system.
Presenter: Tom Bray, J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.




Training Drivers on How to Respond at the Scene of an Accident
Personal injury claims against fleets have skyrocketed, both in the number filed and the size of the jury verdicts. How the driver responds at the scene of an accident can be a significant factor in determining the outcome of the claim. Most companies offer little to no training to drivers. This session will explain how to train your drivers to respond at the scene of an accident, in particular, the five things you should never do following an accident.
Presenter: Don Jerrell, VP, HNI

Wednesday, July 23




A Fleet Manager's Guide to Surviving a Deposition and Other Fleet-Related Legal Issues 
Shortly after a lawsuit is filed, a process called discovery typically begins. As part of the discovery process, a deposition is taken, which is a question-and-answer session conducted under oath, which can often involve the fleet manager. This session will help fleet managers avoid the pitfalls that commonly occur during a deposition, along with how to handle other fleet-related legal issues that may be encountered in a fleet-related lawsuit. 
Presenter: John Cruickshank, Attorney at Law, Labor and Employment Law for Alaniz, Schraeder, Linker, Farris & Mayes LLP




Scoring Positive Results with Driving Simulators
Learn how to apply winning tactics of other organizations using driving simulation technology to train fleet drivers. Find out when a simulation program should be implemented, how to justify it to senior management, and ways to get drivers to embrace it. Listen to real life case studies and learn how UPS and other leading trucking companies have implemented virtual training into their driver training programs and have reduced crashes substantially. Don’t miss this chance to learn how to reduce costs and mitigate risk for your company. After the presentation by Bob Davis, CEO of VDI, attendees will have an opportunity to experience firsthand a driving simulator using scenarios featuring heavy-duty trucks.
Presenter: Bob Davis, CEO VDI

11:10am  - 12:00pm

The Power of Video-Based Technology to Improve Driver Behavior, Prevent Accidents and Save Lives
A new Virginia Tech study shows that more than 800 lives could be saved each year using video-based driver safety technology. This session explores how this revolutionary technology combines in-cab video event recording, predictive analytics, and real-time driver feedback and coaching into a powerful, proactive tool to identify and reduce the risky driving behaviors that lead to 90% of collisions. By understanding what actually causes accidents, efforts can be focused on coaching drivers to improve their behaviors, enabling heavy duty truck fleets to prevent incidents, reduce injuries and collision costs, and save lives over time
Presenter: Julie Stevens, Lytx 

 1:40pm 2:30pm 

What You Don't Know About Truck Inspections
John Seidl, former FMCSA inspector, will discuss critical elements of an effective vehicle maintenance program and share areas where many motor carriers fall short. You will discover how your maintenance program measures up during a review and how that correlates to a roadside inspection. He will point out what inspectors look for and things drivers often overlook while on the road.
Presenter: John Seidl, Trucking Safety Consultant

 2:50pm 3:40pm 

Building a Culture of Wellness in Transportation
Wellness is tough stuff in our business. Drivers are often stressed, fatigued, eat a poor diet, and have little opportunity to exercise.  This boils down to lost productivity, added costs to your health plan, work comp claims, and increased accident risk.  In this presentation, Megan Young and Jodi Mathy from HNI will make a case for instilling a culture of wellness in your organization starting from the day a new driver or employee is hired.  It often begins with a post offer physical making sure drivers are fit for duty.  From there, it becomes an ongoing journey to encourage health and wellness in day-to-day operations as well as following any injury on the job.  Megan and Jodi will also explore the challenges of driver wellness efforts - including case studies, government policies and increased focus on driver’s health - and discuss how to design a program that sticks.
Presenter: Jodi Mathy, HNI; Megan Young, HNI


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Opening Keynote Address: Reaching Zero Crashes: The Role of Advance Driver Assistance Systems

Keynote Speaker: Deborah Hersman, President and CEO, National Safety Council


General Session: Security Threats Against Fleet Safety

Presenter: David CooperIndustry Engagement Manager - Highway, U.S. Department of Homeland Security - TSA


General Session: Security Threats Against Fleet Safety

Presenter: Daryn Frank, Supervisory Transportation Security Inspector - Surface & Cargo, U.S. Department of Homeland Security - TSA


Closing Keynote Address: How to Create a Successful Corporate Safety Culture - Shell's Journey to Goal Zero

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